Managing volunteers with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Hi All,

At the National Autistic Society we are always trying to enhance social inclusion for individuals with an ASD including Asperger Syndrome. Volunteering is a crucial part of that; we hope by raising awareness of the condition to Volunteer Managers that this may lead to more individuals with an ASD accessing volunteering.

Thanks to all of those that came to our training session “Managing volunteers with an ASD” course in May. We also delivered a bespoke version of the course to staff at Thames 21 which was thoroughly enjoyable.

The feedback for this course was positive so we have decided to schedule in some “tour” dates. We are hoping by calling it a tour that this will make it seem Rock n Roll and exciting! But hopefully there wont be any TV’s thrown out of hotel windows!

Managing volunteers with an ASD UK TOUR.

The course content includes.

> what are ASDs?
> recruiting a volunteer with an ASD
> effective support strategies
> group discussions based on shared experiences
> case study exercises

15th September Miami
22nd September New York
16th November Los Angeles

Let me know if you would like some more information regarding these training sessions and I can send it through to you.