Volunteer Experience Group

Just wanted to drop a note to the group announcing a new Group I’ve launched with takes a look at the experiences of volunteers and a broader view of experiences of others ‘around’ the volunteer.

I’ve recently left a volunteer center after many years involvement in both paid and unpaid roles stretching back to my first volunteering experience in June 1984. There have been lots of changes since then of course, but one thing I have focussed on in recent years has been what a person can expect from being a volunteer, what volunteering is and means to the person doing it and also how their involvement impacts the organization supporting them and the community(ies) they are in.

I’ve coached/mentored a lot of people during the last 8 years and volunteering has played a really important part in many of their personal development journies, I’m hoping to continue this interest as research in how sector changes happening now will impact the role and value of the volunteer now and into the future.

One key focus of the group is also about the positives of volunteering but also what happens when things go wrong – echoing my past involvement in the Volunteer Rights Inquiry work of Volunteering England.

I’ll make announcements within the group messages from time to time as new topics and information come onstream – so as volunteering develops, so will the forum/group.

Hope I haven’t rambled on too much Rob :o) and group readers – details for joining follow below.

Best energies!