Managing talent in volunteering

As part of our work through the European Year of Volunteering here at VC Warrington, we are doing some research into the concept of Talent Management in engaging volunteers.

Linking in with lots of the previous debates and discussions about volunteer managers as ‘leaders’ and ‘enablers’ and referencing these key skill sets as opposed to traditional management approaches, I am really interested to hear about the view and experiences of GUM members.

So, with this in mind – if you have a few minutes to consider the following I would love to hear from you – either via the group or off list:

  1. How do we manage talent when it comes to volunteers?
  2. What do we think we are already doing around ‘enabling and empowering’ volunteers, rather than ‘managing’, that works well?
  3. How do we know it’s working well?
  4. What stops you from ‘letting go’ when it comes to involving volunteers and going with what they can bring, as opposed to fitting volunteers into a clearly defined role and structure?
  5. Do you have any proven approaches for identifying talent in your volunteers and developing individuals to make the most of this?

Looking forward to hearing from people. Many thanks.

Happy IVMDay

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all the members of this group a terrific International Volunteer Manager’s Day for 2016.

IVMDay marks an important opportunity for those of us who lead volunteers to find ways to educate others about the all too often under rated role that we play in mobilizing volunteers and making a very real difference in our communities.

I have been thrilled to see the day gain even greater momentum this year and to see the critical work of Volunteer Managers around the globe gain even greater kudos and recognition. Many celebrations took place a day early this year, due to November 5 falling on a weekend, and the reports filtering in from around the world have been very encouraging

So once again – have a great November 5 and never stop finding ways to educate others about the amazing role that leaders of volunteers play all around the world

Best wishes

Aiming for Excellence – Professional Development in Management

Hi there,

Just following up from my recent posts about our trip to the EYV11 road show in London and the panel discussion session we hosted, focusing on the Future of Professional Development in Volunteer Management.

Here we have created a set of resources using the content from the session, which we hope you will find useful and inspiring.

Go to to access them and please do forward the link round your networks, and continue the discussion either via the comments section on i-volunteer or here on UKVPMs. This is a subject which needs much more thought and debate, but hopefully you will agree we have provided a useful starting point from which we can continue to move the profession forward.

Indeed, linking in with this theme is the subject of our next webinar broadcast here at VC Warrington. Please join us on December 8th at 2pm to ensure your views are heard, as we focus on ‘Making a Noise’: What Volunteer Managers need from leaders and decision makers. The session is free and you can sign up via

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!